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October 30, 2017
For Immediate Release – October 30, 2017 – York, PA SociumDigital is proud to announce the launch of our new company logo to better define our company’s brand and mission. Our business has grown and evolved over the last several years, and we felt it was time for a change. We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and symbolize our commitment to our clients and their success. We will utilize a new tagline “Your Digital Partner” as our name is derived from Socium – latinnoun  | so·ci·um | comrade, friend, ally and used to describe a bond or interaction between friends or partners. When you work with SociumDigital, you are working with a comrade, friend and ally during your entire project. Logo Elements Logo Variations

Graphic Design: We Do That, Too!

April 19, 2017
SociumDigital is a full-service digital design agency. While we excel at web and application design, digital strategy and SEO, we also have perfected every aspect of graphic design. Why Is Graphic design Important? Graphic designers execute brand communication by means of visual elements which contain different styles, complexity, types, fonts, colors and shades. A skilled designer takes those elements of visual perception and makes them functional.  In the words of Steve Jobs, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Therefore, we could say that graphic designers are artists applying their talents mostly not in pure art, but communicating and purposeful art.  Our Graphic Design Services: We’re a savvy group here at SociumDigital, and we do our part in keeping current with graphic design trends and concepts.  Design concept and philosophy are constantly changing to meet consumer needs, which is why we’ve made it our mission to deliver a competitive product. Graphic design is the voice of your brand, and we want it heard loud and clear. Here are just a few graphic design services we offer: Packaging Marketing Collateral Brand Identity Event Merchandising Illustrations Magazine/Newspaper Design Restaurant Menu Design Webdesign Layouts Logo Design If you’re in need of graphic design services, email us anytime, we’d love to chat with you. Maybe you’re in need of inspiration for your next project- send us a request to see our portfolio of work.  

Hire a WordPress Developer

January 31, 2017
WordPress (WP) is an amazing content management system, but it’s not the most intuitive software for average users. Popularity has risen because 1 – it’s free (sometimes). 2 – it’s an easy option without using traditional HTML software. 3 – WordPress has a ton of potential, granted you know what you’re doing. To achieve your greatest success, hire a WordPress Developer. So many people are turning to WordPress for a cheap web alternative, but is it really so cheap? Here’s the harsh truth everyone should know: hire a WordPress developer if you want to succeed. The possibilities are endless to do great things on a WordPress site. Without knowledge of writing code to enhance performance, managing plugins for exceptional functionality, or designing an aesthetically pleasing theme, you’re wasting your time. And time equals money. Customized Theme By A WordPress Developer WordPress themes change how your site looks on the front-end. The theme is much more than color and layout, good themes are aesthetically pleasing to improve engagement with your website’s content. WordPress includes installed themes to use, but do you want your design to look like other sites that chose the same default? There are too many remarkable websites to risk not being unique. Hiring a professional is the only way to make it one hundred percent customized. WordPress Developers Enhance Plugin Functionality  If website functionality is a goal (as it should be), a professional WordPress developer should install plugins. WordPress provides free plugins, but that doesn’t include technical support. WP is an open community site, meaning anyone can write/submit plugins. The negative aspect is you’ll have to filter through good, bad and ugly codes. With nearly 49,000 plugins available on WordPress, how will you know what to use? The improper use of plugins can kill your website. We aren’t talking “set it and forget it” with plugins, either. They need constant management and updates, coddling and hugs. If you think you’re using plugins wrong, or have a specific plugin functionality in mind, shoot us an email anytime. Increased Performance Speed With 966 million websites at our fingertips, slow loading sites are immediately abandoned (25% of users leave a site within 4 seconds). Hiring professionals to update your website server, leverage browser caching and remove unnecessary Java Scripts, will increase performance speed. Web hosting providers play a major role in performance speed. Without prior experience and knowledge, you might pick a host that significantly slows down performance speed. It’s crucial that websites are responsive on a mobile device, because 77% of Americans access the internet via smartphones, tablets, Kindles, etc. An experienced developer will build a responsive site.  If you’re not a professional web developer, you might not know the interwoven necessities it takes to make an extremely powerful WP site. You can fake it for a while, but many of these technical tasks prove to be too complex and time consuming for everyday site owners. In the long run, you’re costing yourself money by not hiring someone from the start. We’d love for you to pick our brain about your future WordPress site. Your success is our success, and we will

Welcome, 2017

January 1, 2017
The end of another fantastic year is fast approaching, and while we’re excited to see what 2017 will bring, we here at SociumDigital decided to take this time to reflect on the last 12 months.   Take a moment, if you will, to daydream with us. Let your minds wander to how far technology has brought society thus far. The days of dial-up internet and AIM are long gone (and good riddance), and now we have the capabilities to have convenient, instant access to anyone, anytime we’d like. The ability to see our loved ones as we talk to them is truly an amazing experience for those separated by miles and miles. Folks can operate pretty much anything inside their home without even being home, because “there’s an app for that”. Sixty five percent of Americans are using social networking, there are smartphones for every personality type, self-lacing shoes and driverless cars.   Nonetheless, the greatest thing that technology has brought us in 2016 is you. That’s right, YOU, our clients, who we value even more than our Amazon Prime membership. We’ve built a lot of great relationships this year, and look forward to doing even more for you in 2017. We’re proud of the work we do, and the biggest compliment we could ever receive is for you to trust us with your digital needs. After all, we run a business, just like you – and we want to see you succeed. Thank you, for your partnership, support, and faith in what we do; and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2017.   Cheers! SociumDigital Send Us An Email Contact SociumDigital

Career Wellness Partners Announces New Website Launch

November 3, 2016
Allentown, PA – Career Wellness Partners, LLC, which provides individual career coaching and corporate outplacement and career wellness services for small to mid-size organizations, announced today the launch of its updated fully responsive website on November 1, 2016. SociumDigital, of York PA, was selected for the project and redesigned the site to offer a deliberate and uncluttered design, improved functionality, and integration of online purchasing options. “Career Wellness is excited about the improved site which captured the brand perfectly and provides visitors with streamlined and easy access to information,” said Barbara Berger, Founder and Certified Career Coach. “SociumDigital brought a level of expertise, creativity, and professionalism that made them a pleasure to work with. They worked really hard to give me the best possible product. And it worked!” For more information contact: Barbara Berger, CPC 484-862-9523 SociumDigital Send Us An Email Contact SociumDigital

Inverto360 Pre-Launch

October 26, 2016
We are excited to announce the pre-launch of our new SalesForce App Inverto360. This App will enable users to easily revert Accounts back to Leads.  Please learn more by visiting our Inverto360 Page. If you are interested in Beta Testing the App please fill out our contact form. Thanks! -SociumDigital Dev Crew

Career Wellness Partners, LLC partners with SociumDigital

October 12, 2016
SociumDigital Selected to Provide Website Support, Design, and Consulting Services for Career Wellness Partners, LLC ALLENTOWN, PA and YORK, PA — October 12, 2016 – SociumDigital, York, PA, has been selected as a strategic digital partner for Career Wellness Partners, LLC. SociumDigital will provide web support, eCommerce support, web development and consulting services for the Allentown-based career consulting practice. About CWP Career Wellness Partners provides private career coaching services to help clients navigate transition at any stage of their career. Founded in 2013, services include career discovery and exploration, job search strategy, resume and LinkedIn review, personal branding, interview prep, and mock interviews. Barbara Berger, President, is a certified career coach and hiring manager who champions the employee side of employee engagement. Contact: Career Wellness Partners Barbara Berger President 484-862-9523

Elbeco Incorporated partners with SociumDigital

August 3, 2016
Elbeco Incorporated partners with SociumDigital to provide website support, design & consulting services. READING, PA and YORK, PA — August 1, 2016 – Elbelco, Reading, PA, and SociumDigital, York, PA, announced a new partnership today that provides web support, ecommerce support, web development and consulting services for Elbeco. About Elbeco Established in 1907, Elbeco designs, manufactures and distributes professional uniforms that exceed the expectations and enhance the performance of Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Postal and Transportation professionals throughout North America. Elbeco is a USA based, family-owned business, with engaged and involved leadership. Elbeco is the largest employer of union sewers in the industry, with more than 20% of our products made in the United States, supplying more than 1.5 million uniforms to over 17,000 agencies and private companies. Contact: Elbeco Incorporated Meggan Werkheiser Marketing Manager 610.921.0651

Why Should I Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

May 25, 2016
If you have a business, you need customers, plain and simple. Without customers there really is not much reason to get up in the morning, drive to the office, turn on the lights, make payroll and all the myriad tasks that we do as business owners. Getting those customers is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face on a day in, day out basis, and because of the difficulty and importance of this task, ALL businesses need to have an effective marketing plan to survive and grow. For many companies, however, this is a business truth that is easy to put on the back burner or settle for just throwing darts at a dart board and hoping you hit something. Nobody is going to walk into your office and ask for whatever it is that you are selling unless they know who you are, what you do, and they have confidence that you can deliver on your promises. More importantly your prospects want to know why your product or service is of benefit to them, and how you are differentiated from your competitors. To get those facts communicated your company needs an effective, well thought out and executed marketing plan. Most companies understand the need for a strategic marketing plan, but few understand what it is or how to implement one. Marketing is not the same thing as hiring a sales team; it is much more involved than that. In a nutshell, your company’s marketing plan is about generating leads that can then be turned into sales. Elements of a Modern Marketing Strategy The rise of the internet, indexed search (think Google) and the explosion of social media networks have changed the way that companies communicate their value proposition (the promise of value that will be delivered by your company and experienced by your customer). Where once, legacy tactics such as yellow page advertisements or print ads drove traffic to your front door, modern consumers armed with mobile technology expect real time access to information and make buying decisions in a matter of a few keystrokes on their devices. This means that companies need to ensure that their branding messages are well executed, easily found on the web by sites that attract attention and covert eyeballs into leads. Below is a list of items that make up a “modern marketing strategy”: Collateral development and production Content development specialists Email programs E-newsletters Graphic artists Market research Marketing software Metrics/data analysts Mobile marketing specialists PPC Printing PR specialists SEO/keyword research Social media specialists Special events Sponsorship Website development/re-engineering While this is a very thorough list, it should also be seen as incomplete, because as we speak new technologies, apps and disciplines are being created which makes keeping up a challenge. This rapid change in new technologies is what makes marketing in the 21st century such a challenge for small businesses. Now that we know the elements, let’s shift gears and evaluate your options on how to execute your strategy. Can and
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