It is essential for any business to have a central location where workers can interact with clients. Businesses want to know more about their customers by understanding how they connect and observing these connections. Although, business and customer relationships through interaction and communication alone are not the solitary things businesses need in order to maintain a well-rounded relationship. Salesforce, one of the largest CRM platforms, offers a way to create an united environment where workers have the opportunity to interact with customers in a whole new way.

What is Salesforce?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a system many businesses utilize to manage connections and relationships with current and potential customers. Salesforce considers themselves as #1 in the world of CRM and works to ensure that the interactions between business and customers are productive and long-lasting. Salesforce business solutions are the backbone to creating a unified platform where businesses and employees have access to a variety of tools. Some of these tools include tracking customer emails to stay up-to-date on communication history, tracking and managing customer information, and simplifying certain tasks to make workloads achievable.

4 Salesforce Business Solutions

To name a few, SociumDigital offers the following Salesforce software solutions to effortlessly enhance CRM platforms:

1. Salesforce Development

CRM platforms of successful businesses typically have a software development team that provides the solutions they need to technologically thrive. SociumDigital developers bring advanced and innovative Salesforce solutions to customers looking to integrate. SociumDigital offers Salesforce development services including the integration of CRM modules. These modules allow for: opportunity management, easy scalability, and up-to-date sales content.

2. Salesforce Cloud Based Management

The Salesforce service cloud is a customer service application allowing companies the ability to  manage customer information along with other important information. SociumDigital developers will implement Salesforce solutions and allow users to connect to cloud-based apps which in response increases business productivity. SociumDigial Salesforce cloud based management solutions permits uses access to online inventory management and utilize cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools.

3. Salesforce API Integration

In order for businesses to access information within their organization using Salesforce, certain API’s are required including REST, Apex, Metadata, and Visualforce. SociumDigital develops Salesforce SOAP API components with various functionalities and features from Apex, REST, Metadata and Visualforce.

These solutions are essential parts to an improved and more efficient CRM platform. Every solution helps to provide businesses with the visibility needed in order to continue creating and managing positive customer relationships. SociumDigital offers experienced developers to assist in providing you with the tools and technology features you need to advance your business.

4. Inverto360

SociumDigital developed the Inverto360 app for Salesforce to easily allow the ability to convert accounts to leads. Have you or any of your users converted a Lead to an Account, only to realize it was a premature conversion? Or did you purchase a Lead list that was uploaded incorrectly, and you now have years of incorrect data? These are just a few reasons why Inverto360 can benefit your business. The Inverto360 app conveniently allows users to convert your account or contact back to a lead all while copying the related account data to the new lead.

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