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Let SociumDigital be your choice for website development, system integration, lead generation/marketing, ROI tracking and more.

Regardless of your institution’s needs, SociumDigital is here to assist you with a custom tailored plan to market your school better and reach more potential students.  Contact us to get started today. 

Why SociumDigital?

Our higher education solutions are a perfect way for colleges and universities to attract students while engaging donors and alumni. With SociumDigital’s experience in the higher ed space, tools and resources, our team of knowledgeable staff can provide top of the line services and support without the overhead of hiring afull time employee. We can also be an asset to support your in house development or marketing team.

Over the past few decades, the internet has grown tremendously.  It has changed the way we live by influencing our daily lives.  The internet has transformed the way we communicate, perform research, attend college and even how we purchase items. 

It has become essential for colleges and universities to maintain a fully functional website for their prospective students, current students, alumni, and even donors. However, this increased need comes with additional responsibilities and technical skills.  Marketing, information, technology, security, and software are always changing—therefore requiring a constant need to update, monitor and improve your websites information and abilities.  SociumDigital’s higher education solutions were designed with this in mind. 

, Higher Ed Solutions
, Higher Ed Solutions
, Higher Ed Solutions
, Higher Ed Solutions
, Higher Ed Solutions

SociumDigital’s Higher Education Solutions Include:

Mobile App Development for ioS and Android – Start connecting with your audience, by reaching them on the devices they always have in their hands.  Let our mobile app development experts be your full-service digital partner and take your institution from the desktop to the device.

Digital Marketing – In the past, marketing your college or university might have been done mostly through pamphlets and flyers.  However, in today’s society, the internet has become one of the most powerful marketing tools.  Our team of experts can help create and develop a successful digital marketing plan designed to reach a larger and more specific crowd.  

SEO (search engine optimization) – Research has shown that websites on the first page of Google receive approximately 95% of clicks—resulting in more traffic and potential leads.  Our search engine optimization experts can develop an SEO strategy to increase your organic, unpaid, natural ranking on search engine result pages.

Adword Consulting – Adwords are a pay per click advertising service.  SociumDigital’s higher education website solutions can assist our clients in creating successful ad campaigns designed to reach a specific audience. 

SalesForce Solutions – Our SalesForce solutions can streamline your institution’s communication methods.  Whether you need help with migrating, organizing, developing, or customizing,

…and more!

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