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In order to help our clients manage their business operations, track sales, and ROI more effectively SociumDigital provides our customers with custom SalesForce Solutions.  Our solutions are directly tailored to your specific business needs based on your existing business processes.  Regardless of your organization size, the SalesForce CRM platform has become the most used CRM platform available.   Using the SalesForce CRM platform, companies have the ability to find new potential customers and receive specific insight on your current customers enabling you to serve them better.  All while running your business from either a desktop or mobile device.

How can we help?

General Administration

APEX Development – The Apex Code platform features a user–friendly interface, application tools, and a unique command structure. Our team will build and customize SalesForce applications within the Apex Code platform to expand your company’s customer management capabilities. With Apex we can control how data is displayed and automate complex workflows and data entry processes.

Visualforce Development – Visualforce is similar to HTML but it also contains styling elements and components which provide an animated user interface compared to tradition designed apps.

Lightning Development – SalesForce Lightning is a framework for building a personalized user experience optimized for Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Sales Cloud. User experience is the center in the Lightning platform and helps convert the user to a customer with visual, interactive designs.

Data Integration – Third party, websites etc. – All organizations that we work with have different needs/wants/goals. We can work with your current infrastructure to integrate SalesForce in with the tools already being used by your organization or tools that you would like to start using. We have worked with WordPress, Oracle, Drupal, Amazon, Experian, etc.

Pardot – Pardot is a marketing automation tool that helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing. With Pardot we can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns from a dashboard.

Marketo – We can implement any of the many tools available in the Marketo product family. Not sure what tool you need to help your business have a successful marketing campaign? Our team will determine the best plan and Marketo products for your business to achieve the maximum return on investment.

SalesForce Communities – Share and collaborate with people outside of your company to learn from others in your industry by using SalesForce Communities to your advantage.

SalesForce Service Cloud – Our use of the SalesForce Service Cloud means your customers will enjoy all of the benefits of the customer support software available through the SalesForce Service Cloud.

SalesForce Marketing Cloud – The SalesForce Marketing Cloud is a complete set of marketing tools built on a single platform. Email, social,  pardot, and advertising are just a few the available tools in the Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce and Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, cloud computing has grown tremendously. What is cloud computing you may ask? Cloud computing is when data or programs are stored and accessed over the internet rather than on a personal hard drive.  Most people have heard of storing something in “the cloud”–that is cloud computing.  With the development of SalesForce Technology, the cloud computing world has been massively impacted creating an easier and more efficient method.

In the past, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions were hosted and stored on a business’ own server. This method was costly to build, set up and was extremely difficult to use. That was until SalesForce was developed. 

What is Salesforce?

SalesForce is a way for business owners to grow and establish customer relationships without the need for setting up their own CRM solution.  The SalesForce CRM platform stores, manages and organizes the way business owners interact with their customers and potential customers all on a single platform that is accessible from any desktop or device.  The SalesForce’s cloud-based CRM platform can be used for sales, service, marketing and more! Using the SalesForce platform will allow your company to stay connected to customers, improved profitability, and streamline your communication methods.

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