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With SociumDigital’s website solution services, we will provide you with a modern user experience on multiple devices without sacrificing the best practices in your industry.  Our team of experts can provide web development and website solutions designed with your business specifically in mind.  Whether you need assistance with the layout, lead generation or SEO, our team is here to support you!

Our Solutions

Websites can have many needs and functions. During the web development process, it is imperative that your desires and needs are taking into consideration to create a website that best fits your requirements.  At SociumDigital, our web development and redesign services are structured to give your business the opportunity to benefit from a handcrafted, mobile responsive website that showcases your brand online. Our team of experts has been building sites for years using a variety of leading platforms to help companies in multiple industries improve their online presence.  

Many website solutions can increase your user’s experiences. Things such as mobile friendliness, readability, website design and website speed are just a few.  Here at SociumDigital, our expert web developers can assist you in creating a professional and functional website without requiring any technical knowledge from you.  Our web developer can address things such as:


We will meet with all key stakeholders to obtain an accurate projet overview and set expectations.


Time to get creative. We will provide wireframes and digital proofs of your new project.


The heavy lifting begins. We will take your approved design and develop your project using best practices.


After design and development we will test, test, test to ensure the finished project is functioning as expected.


Time for the launch party! Your project is complete and ready for the world!

Web Development

Web development refers to the process of developing or creating a website for the World Wide Web.  The web development process can include website design, content development, network security configuration, and programming, among many other tasks. In order for your website to function in the way you require, it must be appropriately designed with the correct coding and programming to fit your specific needs.  

Three Main Components of Web Development

Client (Frontend) – The frontend of your website will be what your clients and users see.  To ensure user satisfaction, your site must function exactly the same way regardless of the browser or device. A poorly designed user experience can result in loss of clients and lead to poor customer acquisition.

Server (Backend) – A web server refers to the hardware and software that work together in order for your website to function.  A server is used to store your software and websites files.  Additionally, it is connected to the internet and allows physical data interchange with other online devices.  The server is responsible for site code generation and database handling.

Database – The database is the information that is being generated or used within your website.

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