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5 Salesforce Features You Should be Using

Salesforce CRM has a series of great features to assist Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants to leverage the Salesforce platform and develop some cool functionality that can be used to solve many day to day business challenges. Salesforce has become a huge help in all aspects of business, not only for sales operations anymore.

While salesforce has many useful features to offer, let’s have a look at the top 5 Salesforce features that help every Admin, Developer, and Consultant do more.

do more with these 5 salesforce features

1. Salesforce Content Library Feature

Salesforce Content is probably one of the most over-looked FREE features offers. Key benefits of using the Salesforce CRM content library include:

Easy to search and share the document

Content is different than documents in salesforce as it does not use folders but utilizes libraries. Content also uses tags so that can be easily searched using any given tag during creation or modification of the content unlike document can only be searched using the name or it’s content. These two features make it easy to search for specific documents. Further, Salesforce allows you to filter your search using author, type, industry, tags, or other fields. It also displays the ratings provided to the content by other users.

Instantly create or modify document from available content

The content library allows you to upload your presentation as content within Salesforce CRM. It then extracts each individual slide and stores them in a way where it’s available for you to restore in different presentations instantly when creating presentations in Salesforce. Salesforce also allows you to perform text search on each slide and result only include slides related to your search keywords.

Users can create or modify existing presentations by a simple drag and drop approach rather than creating from scratch.

Track views and downloads of shared content

The content library allows you to share your presentation using a sharable link instead of a heavy attachment to the mail. In addition to that, it also tracks how many users have viewed your presentation as well as how many have downloaded that form using the link.

2. Salesforce Forecast Feature

Salesforce Forecast is an expression of expected revenue from the sale. Of the salesforce features listed here, this tool helps the sales team maximize their sales efforts by predicting sales. Planning the sales cycle helps businesses maintain sales expectations throughout the company.

A forecast is based on the roll-up of a set of opportunities. Forecast amounts are prepared by parts such as time forecast type, period, currency, and adjustment. You can think of a forecast as a rollup of currency or quantity against a set of dimensions: owner, time, forecast categories, product family, and territory.

The forecast amounts on the forecasts page are totals and subtotals of the opportunities in the four forecast categories.

  • Pipeline
  • Best Case
  • Commit
  • Closed

Depending on how you set up the feature, these amounts can reflect opportunities from one category or aggregated categories.
You base forecast amounts on opportunities, opportunity splits, or product families. For most forecast types, you can base forecasts on revenue or quantity, and on a close date, schedule date, or product date. And you can enable up to four forecast types at a time.

3. Mass Data Edit Tool Feature

Nobody is a fan of repetitive data entry tasks, and it certainly is not the most productive way to spend company time. Salesforce offers a list of tools mentioned below to perform operations such as mass edit, mass delete, mass clone, and mass update to eliminate monotonous repeated work.

  • Excel connector
  • Data loader
  • Native salesforce import-export tool for standard object

4. Field History Tracking Feature

There are several different ways of tracking history in Salesforce. Field history tracking is one of them. Salesforce allows users to track field history with old value, New value, Date /time, and detail of the person who made the change to the record. It allows the administrator to track up to 20 fields per object.

Selected fields by administrator on any object, will automatically show under record history when any record information related to that filed has changed.

5. Invert Account to leads Salesfore Feature

As you are aware, once a lead is converted to an account, it creates multiple records for different objects. For example, Account, Contact opportunity record gets created as soon as the user clicks the convert button on the lead object. If the user makes mistake and hits the button inadvertently, It becomes difficult to reverse that action.

With the help of an app exchange app Inverto 360, now you can simply revert back to lead from the account or any other converted object while moving all data to a new lead object record.

Inverto 360 boosts the built-in salesforce features by:

  • Inverting Accounts to Leads (individual record or using the batch option)
  • Inverting Contacts to Leads (individual record or using the batch option)
  • Setting assignment rules upon inversion
  • Setting/Creating New Lead Status upon inversion
  • Not allowing Duplicate Account/Lead Records (Delete or Keep Accounts)
  • Working on all platforms (Lightning Ready)
  • Manually or Automatically Mapping Account Data back To Lead Data
  • Copying all Account/Contact Activity back to Lead Object such as:
    • Notes
    • Activity
    • Task
    • Campaign History
    • Pardot Activity

Make these Salesforce features work for you!

Salesforce is a powerful tool. However, many businesses to not have the time to adequately explore all of the salesforce features available to streamline their sales processes. This is where partnering with a Salesforce professional can help your business optimize Salesforce specifically to your industry needs.


We would be happy to help with integration, implementation, or other Salesforce component mentioned above. Start optimizing Salesforce today and send us a message!


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