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8 Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning and features are numerous. We’ve got 8 advantages highlighted here.


Just a couple of years ago, Salesforce released their newest and most powerful customer relationship management program, Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce claimed that this new tool would be a fantastic improvement to any business looking to increase their efficiency, productivity and innovation.

Because we at Socium Digital are all about Salesforce consulting, it’s our responsibility to share the features and benefits of Salesforce Lightning so you can see if it’s the right tool to level up your business.

1. Modern User Interface

Probably the most noticeable and immediate of these benefits of Salesforce Lightning is its snappy and intuitive UI. It is extremely well organized and presents a lot of useful graphs that make managing your sales and data simple.

The Salesforce Lightning UI is easy on the eyes, which makes it comfortable to navigate. The improved text and icons make finding important settings easier than ever before. Dashboards also allow for more columns and drag-and-drop functions are smoother than before as well.

It’s also important to note that the homepage of Salesforce Lightning is fully customizable. You can make it so that it’s either nice to look at, easier to display important information, or both.

2. Improved Accessibility and Portability

Keeping up with the times, Salesforce Lightning can be accessed from numerous devices. This allows you to take it on the go in case you need to check something when you are away from your office or main work computer.

Installing Salesforce Lightning on your smartphone or other portable device via the official Salesforce1 Mobile App is simple, and your account along with all your info will be seamlessly transferred. This means you can always be ready to check any new and important info or stay in contact with a client anytime. Accessibility out of all of the benefits of Salesforce Lightning for most is vital.

3. Superior Sale Automation – Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

Many of the features and benefits of Salesforce Lightning have to do with making the process of sales easier to handle than ever before.

One of these new features is called Sales Path. It presents a visually clear rundown of every individual sales opportunity. It will guide you all the way from the initial analysis to the proposal, and eventually, the final negotiation stage. It updates in real time so you’ll always have an up-to-date and accurate assessment of every sale you do from beginning to end.

4. An Amazing Customer Community

One of the best features of Salesforce Lightning is called the Lightning Customer Community. It was specifically designed to make communication with customers easier. A part of the Community Cloud, Lightning Customer Community offers new methods of engagement and personalization.

Lightning Customer Community was built with meticulous attention to user feedback and is being continually updated, making it one of the most invaluable aspects of Salesforce consulting.

5. Build Your Own Apps

While the idea of creating your own mobile or desktop apps sounds like a daunting task, Salesforce has created a way to make it so simple that anyone can do it. And you don’t need to be a master at coding either! Thanks to the Lightning Builder feature, all you have to do is drag and drop components of Salesforce Lightning and make your own unique and personalized application. It’s that fast and that simple!

Choose from either pre-built components provided to you from Salesforce, components that come from Lightning Exchange, or use completely custom third-party apps and components. There are 300 different total components and over 500 apps that can be quickly customized, combined and integrated together. The possibilities are so broad that you can easily make an app that caters to a specific sales opportunity or customer. Talk about customization!

6. Access Salesforce Lightning from Microsoft Outlook

The integration of Salesforce Lightning with Outlook email is one of the most convenient benefits of Salesforce Lightning for Outlook users. This cloud-based feature gives you the ability to access consulting and management updates in a timely and scheduled manner.

7. Use Salesforce Einstein to Maximize Leads

Salesforce Einstein may very well be the most complicated benefit of Salesforce Lightning. It is an AI that uses state of the art machine learning and predictive analytics to improve predictions and insights into certain tasks.

In other words, Salesforce Einstein is an automatic fine-tuning tool. It will analyze interactions and data over time and use this information to provide recommendations and even improve certain automated tasks. It’s a tool that becomes more effective the more you use it. More Salesforce business solutions can be found here.

8. Superior Cybersecurity

For our last of the benefits of Salesforce Lightning – that cybersecurity. Thanks to the Locker Service feature, Salesforce Lightning can now better identify risks of hacking, malicious inputs and other ways in which your data can be compromised or leaked. It also compartmentalizes Salesforce Lightning components to prevent unwanted interactions that can lead to certain namespaces being accidentally leaked. Think of it as a form of preventing digital cross-contamination.

The Benefits of Salesforce Lightning are Endless

We would be here all day if we attempted to discuss every single new feature and benefit that Salesforce Lightning offers. There are over 150 new features in total, which considering the great benefits above, makes the prospect of using Salesforce Lightning all the more enticing. The only way you can truly discover how amazing this new platform is is to use it for yourself!

The future of Salesforce consulting is here – are you ready to join in?


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