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Connect With Clients Through Excitement

Sign, sealed, deliver – you’ve just landed a new client! Now what? The obvious answer is: get to work. Deliver your client the product they hired you to do, based on their expectations. Is that all? Sure. Maybe. NO! I mean, maybe for you, but not for my employees.

When your client decides to move forward with a new project, they’re amped up, and let it be known to them that you’re sharing that same enthusiasm! Clients will pick up on your exciting vibe, and experience that same high. See, we believe that when you have a client-employer relationship, a significant part of the process is to bring excitement, enthusiasm and pizazz to the table! Hell – bring some fireworks if you have them! (Hypothetical fireworks. Don’t bring real ones.) Get your clients as eager as you are about their project! Show them that the reason they hired you is because you’re passionate about what you do, and they made the right decision by choosing YOU to be their business partner.

What are some ways to show this extreme excitement, you ask?

Be engaged

If your client emails you with a question, respond to them right away. Better yet – pick up the phone and – wait for it – call them. Email communication is rapidly replacing real human interaction, so let your client HEAR your excitement over the phone! An extra ten brownie points if you can meet your client in person on a weekly basis to discuss ideas, issues or even just to check in and say “How was your weekend?” Having that personal interaction with your clients will show that they’re not just a dollar sign, and you value your partnership with them.

Get to know your clients on a personal level

Find out what they do for fun, what their kids names are, and how many pets they have. Show your clients that although they’re paying you for a business relationship, you do care about them. Bonus – showing genuine curiosity about non-related work topics will keep them loyal to you for future projects. Plus, if you’re going to be working closely with clients, why not get to know them a little better?

Show them your inner idea machine at work

The great thing about a business relationship is that you’re being hired to express your creativity. Some people don’t know what they’re looking for until you show it to them, and it’s your job to demonstrate what that creative brain of yours can do! Let them know you’re so excited about their project, you were brainstorming all weekend and have awesome ideas to show them on Monday morning. It not only shows that you’re super interested, but also shows your professional talents and expertise.

Excitement is contagious! Showing your enthusiasm will connect you to your clients, and create a genuine, successful, and long lasting business relationship.


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