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How to Change a Salesforce Account to a Lead

When using Salesforce, there is a common issue that often arises. Once the contact / lead becomes an account in the Salesforce system, there is not an “easy” way to get that Salesforce account back to being a lead. Developer Shawn Boksan, of SociumDigital recognized this problem while running into it on his own, and also with his Salesforce clients. Boksan also noticed on the Salesforce message boards other users kept posting about the struggles of wanting to convert accounts back to leads. He took it upon himself to develop the cost effective Salesforce app, Inverto360. This tutorial is going to walk you through how to change a Salesforce account to a lead using the Salesforce app Inverto360.

1. The First Easy Step to Unconvert an Account

With the Inverto360 Salesforce app, you just make sure that you are on the account tab of the account you want to convert back to a lead. Right at the top, there is an Inverto360 button. Simply click on that button.


2. Data Mapping

The first option on the Inverto360 screen is data mapping. When you set this to automatic, this feature automatically maps all the fields that are created. So if you create a custom field in a lead in Salesforce, once it is mapped, it will automatically add it into the system. You do not have to do it twice.

3. Lead Status

On the next option you have Lead Status. You have the option to choose an existing lead status from you list. These options are dependent on how your sales team has the Salesforce lead process organized. You also have the option to assign another lead status, by selecting “other”.


4. Salesforce Lead Assignment

When you change a Salesforce account to a lead, you have another feature of lead assignment on the Inverto360 screen. This just allows you to assign the lead to a particular user, or just to the logged in user.


5. Those check boxes right before the conversion of account to lead

SYNC – this will sync any notes, or files from the account back to the lead. Just like in Salesforce, any notes, tasks, or files you create will copy over as usual.

DELETE ACCOUNT – In some instances, when you change a Salesforce account to a lead you will want to delete that account completely because you do not want it to be a duplicate account. In other circumstances, you might want to keep that Salesforce account.

6. Change a Salesforce account to a lead

Just click that CreateLead button. It’s that easy. You have your Salesforce account to a lead with just a few clicks.

Inverto360 Demo Video:

When using Salesforce issues like this arise. Fortunately, we have developers like Bokstan to create simple Salesforce apps to make our sales and time more effective and efficient which results in more conversions. Inverto360, can easily help when you need to change a Salesforce account to a lead. If you need Salesforce support, or have any other questions – be sure to contact SociumDigital for your business’ needs.


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