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How to Implement Salesforce

Once you’ve decided to use a CRM like Salesforce, it is important to know how to implement salesforce to maximize your ROI.

When to Switch to Salesforce?

Is now the time to implement a new CRM tool, especially one with the business transforming ROI of Salesforce? The answer is often right in front of you.

Examine your daily operations. How are you running? Where can you improve, and would a new/better business system help empower that improvement? Consider the following indicators:

  • Your employees manually handle many features of your business.
  • No central location for all key information about your operations and your clients
  • You are utilizing physical storage space at your office instead of a cloud-based model.
  • Your employees cannot access essential company data from outside the office in an easy and secure way.
  • Your employees lack reliable mobile access to work tools which makes telecommuting difficult.
  • It is challenging and time-consuming to contact and keep track of your clients.
  • You are operating on multiple databases and systems with no single source of truth for your data.

If these sound like your organization, it is time to improve and change your technology. Moving to Salesforce can help you streamline your business processes, provide an improved experience for your customers and employees, and fast-track your growth.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM

What benefits can you expect by upgrading to this business management software? In addition to being one of today’s leading technology solutions and improving all the growth prohibiting factors listed above, Salesforce comes with some other great qualities you want in your business tools. These include:


You do not have to purchase, maintain, or store any physical hardware. You will be able to cut the IT cost of maintaining costly physical hardware.


Salesforce can be configured to grow with your business. When your business grows, adding new “seats” to your organization is quick and easy. As your needs change, the Salesforce can change with you.

Regular Updates

Access to new features and improvements automatically, on a regular basis will be given to you and your employees. Three times a year, Salesforce pushes out improvements.

Quick Setup

In a pinch, Salesforce can be up and running in no time with a little advance preparation. However, for Salesforce to be most effective we recommend ample time to plan and prepare.

Robust Solutions

You can adjust your Salesforce instance with a variety of different Salesforce Clouds. For examples: Service Cloud might work if you need to manage customer support tickets. Or if you want a place where your customers or vendors can self-service, you might create a portal with Community Cloud. There are endless possibilities.

Expanded Functionality

A great benefit of implementing Salesforce is that nearly everything can be added or “plugged in” to it. The AppExchange has an endless array of applications to add-on that are built specifically for Salesforce. Salesforce’s open API and a knowledgeable partner can help you integrate your other systems.

These are just a few examples of high-level advantages of choosing Salesforce for your organization or business. A knowledgeable Salesforce consultant can show samples of exactly how upgrading would benefit your business model.

Planning & Preparing for Implementation

Ready to make the switch to Salesforce? It is time to plan ahead. Planning ahead will help the transition go smoothly. When planning, here are a few of the key areas to keep in mind:

planning is the key to implement Salesforce successfully

Preparing Internally

  • Have clear goals in mind for how you want the software to improve your business model. Are you trying to increase sales by a certain percentage or are you hoping for a measurable improvement in your customer support results? This will help guide the process and ensure your implementation incorporates your critical needs.
  • Make sure you understand all the changes that will happen. Consider workflow changes and ask questions of your implementation partner. purchasing, do not purchase Salesforce with the intention of coping your current process flow into a new system. Our goal is to implement Salesforce to improve the way you do business.
  • Engage your sales, marketing, and customer support staff and keep them involved. Salesforce implementation will likely mean substantial changes in the way they do their jobs.
  • Invest in training for your business. Even though, Salesforce is extremely powerful, and relatively easy to use, your employees will likely experience some questions. Prepare for the questions and learning curve that will occur when you switch over from your previous business processes and systems to Salesforce. User training will help your team to learn and be able to implement the new tools and processes quicker.

Planning for Salesforce

  • Take time to organize and create back-ups of your data. If you can, take the time to clean up data mistakes (duplicate entries, outdated accounts, missing/inaccurate information). It can make the transition a lot smoother.
  • Think about your customizations you will need through Salesforce. There are various Salesforce products and add-on solutions that you can implement and configure to best suit your business needs. Determine which will work best with your limits.
  • Move your data slowly. We find it can be helpful to create a small test batch (example: client database entries) to import first. Once you have confirmed that everything is set up the way you need, you can move the rest of your data.
  • Closely monitor the transition. Determine where configurations need to be modified and if any additional trainings are needed by talking to your employees and customers.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions and for support in your community. A great thing about implementing Salesforce is that there are numerous organizations that are going or have gone through the same transition. There are various places to find support and help so that you can use Salesforce to its fullest potential. Reaching out to other Salesforce users, whether it’s an online forum for administrators, a developer network, or a community user group of your peers, can be an helpful resource during your implementation and beyond.

Utilizing the right tools to manage your data effectively and proficiently is part of running a successful business. One way to save time and effort is to implement a leading business management software, either a customer relationship management (CRM) or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Solutions like Salesforce can help manage your business progressions to enable continual growth.

Salesforce, or another CRM, can incorporate many areas of your organization including managing your customer contacts, data, and leads, to automating your sales funnel, vendor partnerships, and marketing campaigns. If your company has not yet implemented a CRM tool – or if you have outgrown your current tool – upgrading to Salesforce can be the crucial step to advance your business to the next level.

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Ensure a Successful Switch to Salesforce

By switching to Salesforce, get ready to see improvements on your company’s overall efficiency, operations, and management and other positive results. Take the time to outline and define your needs and we can work with you on what components of Salesforce to utilize for your business. We will utilize our years of experience as being a Salesforce consultant to ensure Salesforce is implemented in the most efficient and cost-effective way for your business. Contact us for a free consultation.


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