Inverto360 Now Available for SalesForce

York, PA – SociumDigital is pleased to announce the launch of the Inverto360 App, now available in the SalesForce App Exchange. Time travel…  Not possible?  With Inverto360 you can now “turn back time in your org”. SociumDigital saw the need to build an App that would give the Salesforce community the ability to “invert” Accounts/Contacts back to Leads.

“After spending time in the Salesforce community, it was determined this lack of functionality has been a pain point of many Salesforce over the last 6 years. We decided it was time to build an affordable solution that was easy to use, save users time and money by easily recycling old Accounts, wrongly converted Accounts back into the Lead cycle.” – Shawn, SociumDigital

So stop wasting your valuable time and resources with multiple steps to Export, Delete, Import to get your Accounts/Contacts back to Leads. Inverto360 is here and ready to “turn back time in your org