Is Your Website Like The Walking Dead?

By Socium Digital 3 years ago

It’s that time of year, when zombies arise from the dead, demonic creatures lurk in the shadows of the night, and people run in terror from your morbidly dreadful website design. Um… what?

That’s right, I said it. People are fleeing from a poorly designed, hard to navigate, Night of the Living Dead website. When was the last time you gave your website a face-lift? Are customers and sales something that belong in the afterlife? Your website could be giving internet folks hair-raising results that are haunting the success of your business.  Well then – you know what you have to do. RIP old, dreadful web design. You will be greatly, greatly… not missed. #sorrynotsorry .

How do you know if you have a terrifying website? Take a long, hard look at it. Is the background a ghoulish, default gray color? Are your color combinations and text gruesome, and hard to read? Is the background busy and distracting? How about links on your page… are they all functional, or are some of them dead links? What about the graphics on your page? They should all be meaningful, content related and fit correctly on your page. Oh – and if your page contains ANYTHING that blinks or is animated, for the love of God, or Freddy Krueger himself, GET RID OF IT!

How’s the navigation on your site? Does it have clear navigation, or is it too complex for users to follow? Are there useless page titles that have nothing to do with the page? How do the scroll bars function? If your site is scrolling sideways, that’s a ghostly feature of the past that needs to be clear away like yesterdays cob webs.
If you find yourself slowly hiding behind your Scream mask as your read this, then your site is terrible. Really. Let’s talk about some things you want to reconsider to stop scaring everyone away, and bring some traffic to your site!

What are the next steps?

Call us. Now. Now as in, yesterday. We’ll walk through your site with you, and give you some awesome advice as to what it needs. Then, you hire us! We’re dying to revamp your site.

Happy Halloween!

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