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Salesforce CPQ : Create Subscription Products

A subscription item has a regular payment component, whether it’s paid monthly (think Netflix) or annually (think Apple Music).

One of the main features of Salesforce CPQ is the ability to track which users have subscription-based products, which is useful for any company that has regular renewal chances. Read on to find out how to create subscriptions in Salesforce CPQ, as well as the benefits of doing so.

1.  Select the Right Term

Subscription products are unique in that they are offered as a service that can be used for days, months, or even years. When quoting subscription products, you must determine what unit of time you want to utilize because time is involved.

Do you normally quote in months as an online streaming provider might? Or do you sell in day increments, as you do with industrial equipment rentals? Before we can set up any subscription items, Salesforce CPQ needs to know if you want to describe subscription periods in months or days.

This decision is made in the CPQ package settings, where the subscription period unit for each product is set. It is not practical for some products to use months as a unit while others use days because the units are established org-wide.

The subscription period unit you choose has an impact on how CPQ calculates prices. When implementing CPQ, it’s a good idea to pick which subscription term unit is ideal for your firm and stick with it.

2.  Follow the Steps to Create Subscriptions in Salesforce CPQ

When creating products in Salesforce CPQ, some areas are critical for creating subscription products and ensuring they function as expected.

  1. Subscription Pricing: If this area is left blank, your product won’t be considered a subscription.
  2. Subscription Term: This is the duration of the product; for example, if it is an annual product, you would set it to 12 months.
  3. The Subscription Type: This parameter specifies the type of Subscription product.

3.  Choose the Right Subscription Type

As seen above, the final step in creating subscription products in Salesforce CPQ is choosing the right subscription type. You can choose one from Renewable, One-time, Evergreen, and Renewable/Evergreen. As the name suggests, a renewable subscription is a subscription that can be renewed for another period before the current subscription expires.

A one-time subscription type is a subscription by definition, but it does not give you the option for renewal. An evergreen subscription product does not expire. Finally, Renewal + Evergreen is a product that is both renewable and evergreen.

Final Word

The main benefit of creating subscription products in Salesforce is their automatic creation and linkage during the development of the Renewal Quote and Renewal Opportunity when subscription products are used. When implemented properly, this allows businesses to simply foresee how much and what items they will sell in the future. At SociumDigital, we do more than just set up Salesforce; we take the time to get to know each of our clients and their business models. You can get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you to efficiently create subscription products using Salesforce CPQ.



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