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7 Important Salesforce Features to Simplify Your Workflow

7 Salesforce Features to Simplify Your Workflow


You have arrived at the right place if you’re a Salesforce aspirant or an organization wishing to train its employees on Salesforce features and capabilities. This blog post lists the 7 Salesforce features to simplify your workflow. It includes the key Salesforce features and a few new Salesforce features that every Salesforce user should be aware of.

1.  Quote Management

Salesforce CRM streamlines your business and sales processes by tracking productivity and forecasting. Product quote management can be eased by tracking your items. Quoted Price, Product Code, Standard Price, and Quantity are all examples of this. A revenue timeline and quantity can also be established.

This represents the terms of payment and delivery. A built-in quoting feature in the Salesforce CRM software can automatically quote customer data. It can also generate PDFs of the accepted template and deliver them to the customer through email.

2.  Chatter

Even if you don’t utilize all of the Salesforce capabilities regularly, there are several features that you might find very useful. Consider the ‘Chatter’ feature, for example. You may not use ‘Chatter’ regularly, but it is always there for you whenever you need it – and it is free! Isn’t that amazing? You can join an existing chat or create a new one with ‘Chatter.’

3.  Einstein Analytics

With business analysis and Einstein Analytics, you can access service insights and difficult sales. With embedded dashboards, it connects people to the community, service, and sales Clouds. Einstein Analytics is renowned for presenting data and actionable insights to partners and workers regularly.

It primarily focuses on data protection, with over 150,000 businesses using it to gain intelligent insights that help them grow their businesses.

4.  Branded Email Templates

Salesforce includes branded email templates that allow you to send out basic information to a large number of clients without having to copy it out for each one. Saves so much time typing in volume and the inevitable typos that come with it!

5.  Email Syncing    

Salesforce allows you to sync all of your data with your email and have it sent automatically. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to cutting and pasting. Salesforce includes solutions for Google mail and other third-party email clients, as well as Microsoft Outlook.

6.  Mobility

Users may access CRM data from wherever they are, at any time, with the Salesforce Mobile App. They have instant access to events, conferences, and account updates. It also has offline data updates, allowing you to work without the need for an internet connection.

7.  Inverto360

Inverto360 allows you to convert Accounts to Leads in Salesforce with ease. You can turn an Account or Contact back to a Lead by exporting all of the data from the old Account to the new Lead Object.

Final Word

Salesforce has a slew of great tools that make customer relationship management easier and data management a breeze. Have you used any of these Salesforce capabilities or Salesforce features before? If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start!


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