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Salesforce for Higher Education : A Highly Effective Tool

Higher education looks a lot different today than it did before the advent of digital technology and global connectivity. The information age has changed how we work, communicate, and study. So modern education needs modern solutions. Salesforce for higher education is leading the way in making this possible.

Salesforce’s powerful, cloud-driven CRM services bring enhanced connectivity to organizations and their members. When it comes to higher ed, Salesforce offers customizable integrated solutions through our dedicated Education Cloud.

Salesforce Education Cloud encompasses all of the core aspects of successful higher ed management: Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions, Student Experience, and Advancement & Alumni Engagement. In this case, Salesforce for higher education gives you all the necessary tools to connect staff, students and alumni, and can even be used to facilitate effective funding initiatives.

So let’s take a closer look at how Salesforce in higher ed can be used to enhance functionality and connectivity.

Connecting the Campus & Beyond

Connectivity is central to higher ed, and campuses of all sizes rely on robust internal connections between faculty and students. In a time when in-person learning and interaction have become problematic, staying connected remotely has become essential to the learning experience. With Salesforce Education Cloud, higher ed institutions can become interconnected communities where student experience comes first.


So what makes this connectivity possible? The answer is HEDA, Salesforce’s Higher Education Data Architecture. The HEDA forms the basis of the connected campus, providing higher ed institutes with an education data model that creates a holistic view of student information, educational programs, and more.

The enhanced connectivity provided by the Salesforce Education Cloud extends beyond the campus. In fact, Salesforce facilitates enriched communication opportunities at all stages of the student lifecycle, from marketing recruitment opportunities to prospective students, to nurturing connections with alumni. Salesforce enhances higher education by offering integrated connectivity solutions on campus and beyond.

Salesforce for Higher Education: Funding Made Easy

Did you know that Salesforce can also help with higher ed donations and funding initiatives? With higher ed enrollment figures falling and international student opportunities curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic, alumni and donor funding couldn’t be more important. Salesforce for higher education makes it easier and more effective to engage with alumni and foster donor relations.

The Salesforce CRM systems are designed to keep up with the changing demands and circumstances faced by colleges and universities. This means providing dynamic and strategic marketing tools such as cloud technology, social media, email, and SMS to grow support networks and engage with donors.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help higher ed institutions establish and promote themselves as brands, which is essential in the competitive sphere of higher ed. It allows colleges and universities to leverage custom content and marketing materials in order to expand their reach, and offer engaging experiences for constituents, alumni, and donors.

What’s more, Salesforce in higher ed provides comprehensive analytics and metrics to monitor and improve the effectiveness of funding initiatives. This means that higher ed institutions can direct their efforts where they really matter, saving time and resources.

Tailored Higher Education Solutions

Using Salesforce for higher education, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it when it comes to higher ed. That’s why we offer customizable integrated solutions for colleges and universities, both big and small, allowing each institution to develop tailor-made systems for their individual learning communities.

When implemented effectively, using Salesforce for higher education becomes a limitless tool for customization. This means that college recruitment, admissions, and internal communications can be adapted to suit the specific needs of each institution.

This flexibility for customization makes for personalized learning experiences and integrated solutions that enhance the overall learning process.

When it comes to higher ed, every institution is different. So whether your campus is big or small, Salesforce can be smoothly integrated into your current system. With utilizing Salesforce for higher education, you can integrate the Education Cloud with any other Salesforce systems being used by your university for optimum collaboration and consistency between all departments. This means no more data siloes and disengagement. Instead, it’ll be an efficient and collaborative system backed by the cloud.

Using Salesforce for Higher Education Solutions

The higher education landscape has been significantly altered by the Covid-19 pandemic, and schools around the world have had to rethink how they deliver quality education. Now that remote teaching and learning are the new norm, Salesforce has become even more beneficial for institutions trying to come to terms with these challenging circumstances.

Salesforce Education Cloud allows colleges to move their campuses online while maintaining a sense of community that has its students at the center. With centralized support structures and data pools, Salesforce allows higher ed administrators to make data-driven decisions that include the whole community, regardless of where they’re located.

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Salesforce released; a new service aimed directly at helping organizations to plan safe reopening strategies and to safely manage their campus communities. includes everything from contact tracing to wellness checks to data-driven contingency planning.



Like any good CRM platform, Salesforce requires investments of both time and money. But when your organization effectively leverages the powerful tools offered by Salesforce in higher ed, the value and ROI outweigh the costs.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a formidable tool for higher ed, encompassing marketing, recruitment, and funding initiatives. So the potential ROI for using Salesforce for higher education is limitless when it helps your institution recruit students and establish strong donor relations.

With Salesforce Education Cloud, you’re not only getting top-of-the-line CRM and enhanced connectivity on campus and beyond, but you also get a dynamic package of features and a wide-ranging customer support network. With its array of benefits and impressive ROI potential, Salesforce is a cost-effective solution for higher ed.

Community Support


Salesforce for higher ed offers much more than just comprehensive customer support options. With Salesforce Education Cloud, you get access to the Higher Education Advisory Council (HEAC). The HEAC is a community-led initiative comprised of Salesforce users from schools across the US and Europe. With over 20 schools involved, the HEAC brings together expertise and experience from a diverse group of higher ed professionals to harness the collective power of Salesforce.

Whether you’re a new or prospective higher ed customer, the HEAC community provides extensive support across all areas of Salesforce in higher ed and shares best practices for making the most out of your investment. The HEAC is supported by Salesforce, which gives higher ed schools and institutions the opportunity to learn from the most qualified and experienced higher ed users.

The HEAC leads a range of initiatives aimed at supporting the whole higher ed Salesforce community. With regular office hours where you can engage directly with experienced users, and the Higher Education User Group maintained by Salesforce, there are plenty of ways to leverage the collective power of the higher ed community. This will be a big help in reaching your organization’s goals.

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If the unexpected challenges brought on by the pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that effective communication, strategic planning, and community spirit are everything. And with Salesforce in higher ed institutions it can prioritize and optimize all of these and more.

With Salesforce for higher education the products such as Education Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and, remote higher education becomes better organized and more comprehensive for the whole community, from staff and students to alumni and administration.

We understand the challenges and we have the solutions to overcome these challenges. Contact us today to see how we can become a valuable asset to your institution.


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