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Salesforce Lead : How To Build A Great Lead Generation Process In Salesforce

Creating a process for your Salesforce lead does not need to be challenging.

Having a great lead process is essential for every business. A lead refers to an individual or a business that, at present, does not have the means to be a full-fledged customer, but they show potential as a possible customer in the future when they have the means.

A great lead process could be exactly what a business needs to secure its revenue in the future and have ample business opportunities with potential clients. Naturally, Salesforce has been able to revolutionize the lead generation and conversion process to make the situation easier and more convenient not just for the business but also for the customers. However, Salesforce is not the only thing you need for a great lead process; you also need to be smart about how you use it. Here are some of the steps you should follow to develop the best possible lead process:


It is important to shortlist potential customers in a pre-qualification process. When you shortlist potential leads, you can identify your target audience and what steps you could take to appeal to them. To create leads in Salesforce from your shortlisted customers, you can use pre-existing templates or hire a developer to assist you. But nothing works as well as trial and error in this situation.


Qualify your Salesforce Lead

Next, you need to qualify the leads you have shortlisted to see if they truly are eligible enough to buy your product. Asking personalized questions is one way to qualify your leads, and you can market to your potential leads after you have determined that they are qualified. Questions you ask should be centered around their income, their expenses, and their experience with CRM platforms.

Other than that, you can also make use of a lead scoring system to determine what leads should be your top priority to make lucrative sales. A well-established scoring process would help you determine the most important leads and could gain you potential customers and opportunities for the future.


Once you have developed lead profiles, determined customers that should be your top priority, and an effective sales strategy, it is time to start automating the whole process. When the nitty-gritty of your sales process is automated, you can easily shift your focus towards generating more leads and actually selling your product. Of course, you need to supervise the automation process every now and then to keep track of your leads effectively as well.

Is It Really That Easy?

The steps to create a great salesforce lead process may be few and might look easy, but there are obvious discrepancies in the process. For example, sometimes, businesses convert a lead into an account only to realize that the lead has not fully matured. In this situation, businesses need to take more comprehensive measures and make use of apps such as Inverto360. Inverto360 will help to re-convert an account into a lead, so you don’t really lose the lead, and the minor discrepancy is taken care of as well. You will be able to save time and money, and no mistake would have severe repercussions.


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