Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the terms and conditions is to ensure a full understanding of procedures and policies utilized by SociumDigital.


    • All project related items will be complete based on the project outline.
    • SociumDigital will assign all task internal and external (Client) task with a “needs completed by” date, this will ensure that all other project task are on schedule. SocuimDigital works in a hybrid agile/waterfall management structure, we will allocate resources where necessary to keep the project on schedule.
    • Client is responsible for all internal communication and project management. SociumDigital will only take direction and feedback from the client designated point of contact.
    • If additional support charges are required SociumDigital will notify the client and obtain approval prior to completing the support request.
    • SociumDigital is not responsible for the maintenance and/or security of passwords for email, website logins, cPanel, FTP credentials, etc. Multiple requests for password reset/support will incur additional charges based on the standard hourly rate.
    • Phone calls, meetings, etc., will be billed in 15-minute increments (unless specifically noted otherwise in an estimate and/or ticket). At no time will SociumDigital accept instructions concerning your project or tasks via phone. Please note that phone calls, meetings, etc., will include the time it takes to document, and email requests made during the phone call to the client.



SociumDigital expects clients to follow-up on all ticket request/responses within three (3) business days. Failure to do so will automatically close your existing Support Ticket and result in project/support delays. Any tickets that are closed based on the automation outlined will require the end user to open a new Support Ticket which will be assigned based on the SLA and availability.

All communication must be conducted in the cooresponding Support Ticket. Communication such as direct Email or Text to a Support Agent are not permitted and fall outside SociumDigital’s SLA. If communication is counducted outside the Support Ticket SociumDigitral will not be responsible for delays or SLA violations.


SociumDigital suggests consulting with an attorney for a full understanding of local, state, or national laws for website/email practices. Client is responsible for any and all compliance requirements unless specifically indicated otherwise in a ticket and/or estimate by SociumDigital.


It is understood that use of any materials without full payment to SociumDigital for materials purchased and services rendered i.e. images, copy, logos, designs, code, intellectual property etc., is in violation of federal copyright laws.

It is understood that full payment allows the client usage of only the chosen design and technologies for a specific project. Further use of the materials produced by SociumDigital may be subject to a licensing agreement, and it is understood that SociumDigital will receive a written request to use these materials.

Should the client cancel the project during its course, the client will be billed for the portion of the project completed as of that date based on the Tier 1 hourly rate.


Should the client cancel a retainer agreement, the client will be billed for any hours outside the allocated retainer hours accrued during that month based on the Tier 3 hourly rate.

  • EXAMPLE: If a client is allocated 30 hours per month and the agreement is cancelled with a balance of 70 hours, the client is responsible for the final monthly retainer payment (in this example 30 hours) as well as the additional 40 hours for a total of 70 hours (30 retainer hours + 40 additional hours). Additional hours will be billed at the Tier 3 retainer rate outlined below.

Final Payment for any additional hours outside the retainer agreement must be paid in full within 15 days (Net 15 Terms) based on the date cancellation was received. If payment is not received based on the payment terms, the hourly rate will be adjusted to Tier 1 and due upon receipt.


Unless specifically outlined in an estimate and/or ticket, any software, plugin, product licenses needed will be provided by the client. Maintaining license renewals is the sole responsibility of the client. SociumDigital is under no obligation to purchase or maintain licenses needed. SociumDigital will not utilize software, plugins, or products requiring a license without approval from client.


All content, including images, logos, and copy, are to be provided by the client in an approved format (list below) unless specifically outlined in the ticket and/or estimate. All assets and content must be provided to SociumDigital via the ticket.

SociumDigital may utilize free stock photography and/or “lorem ipsum” placeholder text if no content is provided by the client.

    • Images – JPEG, JPG, PNG, AI, PSD, SVG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, WebP
    • Video – MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI
    • Copy – DOC, DOCX, TXT
    • Audio – MP3, WAV, WMA



All information containing passwords, secure information, etc. must be sent through SociumDigital’s secure portal available at https://message.sociumdigital.com.

SociumDigital will not be held responsible for sensitive information sent to SociumDigital via the SociumDigital ticketing system and/or email.


Unless specifically outlined in an estimate and/or ticket, SociumDigital’s payment terms are as follows: Payment is due Net 15 upon receipt of invoice by PureCars. Payments are considered late after 30 days after the invoice date and may result in website suspension, late fees, reactivation fees, and ultimately account termination.


SociumDigital tracks all support and project time on the support/project ticket. It is the responsibility of the client to be aware of all time logged/allocated on all project or support tickets.

Additional request on projects or support tickets that take additional time outside the original agreed upon amount (projects) or estimate for support request, will result in the additional time being billed at the current billable rate (see rate schedule below).


Any events, additional developments, or excessive revisions that require added work beyond the outlined project scope or support request will be considered an addendum and priced accordingly. Additional work will not commence without the written approval from the client via the support portal. 


It is the responsibility of the client to notify SociumDigital of any changes in contact information. SociumDigital technicians will only provide support to contacts we have on file. Failure to update contact information may result in delays in support, loss of data, account termination, loss of domain names, and more.


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