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The ROI of Salesforce

For some companies, Salesforce officers a huge ROI. It can be an affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution. For some, though, Salesforce can be a substantial investment. It comes with varying upfront and monthly costs, from $25 per user per month, to over $300 — their monthly fee will vary depending on the needs and scale of each business. There is also some risk involved with implementing a CRM like Salesforce for the first time. Setup and learning curve can cost even more than the product itself. But what impact can Salesforce have on your bottom line? Can salesforce help grow revenue, cut operating cost, and improve technical efficiencies?

Revenue Growth With Salesforce CRM

Profit gains & Cost savings = Salesforce ROI

Every business’s goal is growth. Grow clients. Grow sales. Grow products and offerings. All of which helps to increase revenue year-over-year. This can be a difficult task, especially when trying to coordinate a workforce with sales data and leads. Salesforce helps companies grow revenue quickly by providing support critical business operations. By streamlining the customer relationship process, profits go up. New leads become customers quickly, more customers stay loyal, and vital team members stay connected to critical data. That maximizes your Salesforce CRM investment dollars.

Process improvement

The landscape of business has changed drastically in 2020. Remote workforces have surged, making it more important for your teams to be able to work together, seamlessly, from anywhere. Having a CRM like Salesforce can improve function, increase productivity, and ultimately improve your bottom line through:

  • Optimized communication
  • Personalized marketing alignment
  • Increased visibility
  • Streamlined and understandable data

Optimized communications

As we all know, for any business, communication is a vital element for maintaining presale and post-sale relationships with customers. But varying communication channels, as well as ever-changing communication and buying patterns, can be difficult to manage. Email and social media are easy to navigate with the Salesforce CRM. Convert more leads into customers and keep more customers long-term using the built-in communication tools. More leads converted means a higher return on your investment with Salesforce.

Personalized marketing alignment

To personalize customer communication effectively, marketing and sales teams need to align. Whether it’s account based B2B marketing, or B2C navigating the vast social media world, team collaboration is vital in providing the most personalized business marketing experience. Salesforce’s Customer 360 combines sales and marketing data to offer a full 360-degree view of each client. The Salesforce ROI is evident in the  personalized product recommendations based on past order history and other information available within the CRM database.

Increased Customer Visibility

It is cheaper to keep clients than to onboard new ones. Your Salesforce ROI will improve as you keep more customers as long-term clients by staying in touch. To give existing customers the attention they deserve, sales representatives need to have quick and easy access to account contacts, tasks, and sales histories, and more. Salesforce provides a convenient platform to manage all of your customers’ related information in one place.

Streamline and Understand Data

Perhaps one of the more valuable benefits of salesforce is the ability to understand valuable data. Many businesses are gathering data on customers, sales, products, virtually every aspect of revenue streams. However, with no way to interpret this data it is worth nothing. Salesforce takes this data and funnels it into meaningful reports. With these reports, decision makers can assess current products or processes, improve on stuff that works and nix stuff that is losing money. Here, again, is where a skilled and thoughtful Salesforce partner can help in the setup and management of these reports. Make the most of the data that is probably already being collected. A CRM can help with this task.

Improve Salesforce ROI with a Partner

The Salesforce CRM can be an invaluable tool for customer relationship management and growth. But when considering the move to Salesforce, the setup and implementation can be trough. Partnering with a Salesforce Partner can be the difference between success and a huge waste of money. The sooner the CRM is up and running, the sooner companies can see each customer’s lifetime value and thus capitalize on each opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

While the investment may seem steep, the benefits of the Salesforce CRM can be limitless. Many businesses are going through a sort of renaissance right now. As Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff mentioned in a recent interview, “The past is gone. It’s not coming back. This is a ‘be here now’ moment. We need to rebuild our companies, our organizations, and ultimately we need to rebuild ourselves to be successful in this new digital future.” Give your company the head start it needs to grow, even through the added challenges of this year and beyond. Curious about your Salesforce ROI? Salesforce has a calculator. Click the image for more information.

Salesforce ROI Calculator


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