TAG… What is That Exactly?

Using a highly sophisticated, proprietary CRM data filtering process along with advanced email marketing techniques and texting automation, we can take 100,000 pieces of your last 3-5 years of non-converted student data and help you turn them into highly qualified, diverse and revenue-generating transfer students!

How does TAG work?

Step 1

Twice a year, we obtain data from your admissions department on potential students who never converted. We filter and consolidate every piece of your data and organize and score all prior activity.

Step 2

We install a trackable, web based RFI (Request for Information) form on your transfer page matching your current form.

Step 3

We create and execute a highly sophisticated, automated bi-monthly email and text campaign to drive potential students to your transfer page saving you thousands of dollars in marketing and data analytics. Our automated process will deliver 24 transfer related emails and 24 texts in 12 months to thousands of potential students until the prospect either “opts out” or applies. (All marketing content is reviewed and approved by the college).

Step 4

RFI requests are routed to us, filtered, scored for interest, prior history and sent automatically to your admissions office via an URGENT email designation and to your CRM or SIS via API. All in REAL TIME! Your team will have all the information they need to The higher the TAG Score, the higher your chances are to convert a qualified transfer student!

Step 5

The college sends us an updated Transfer Application report once a week and we purge the names of all new transfer applicants from our automated marketing campaign.

Step 6

In addition to REAL TIME submission of scored TAG RFI forms, we provide a detailed weekly report on how many hits your transfer page has received along with a detailed breakdown of new TAG RFI leads and new applications generated.

How much does it cost?


The TAG service is not a revenue share, but a low-cost, monthly fee for service. Based on the size of your institution, the pricing can range from $2,000 per month to $4,000 per month, but most private non-profit institutions average $2,000-$2,500 per month for data analytics, data consolidation, monthly automated email and text campaigns, plus RFI scoring, RFI notification and monthly reporting. We do require a 30 day ramp-up and a $2,000 start-up fee.


Minimum 6 Months for the TAG Service


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