Have you or any of your users converted a Lead to an Account, only to realize it was a premature conversion?

Have you been using the Account or Contact Object incorrectly and want to place them back in the Lead Object?

Did you purchase a Lead list that was uploaded incorrectly and you now have years of data on the incorrect Object?

Inverto360 gives you the ability to easily convert Accounts to Leads in Salesforce. Convert your Account or Contact back to a Lead while copying all the related Account data to the new Lead Object.


Invert Accounts to Leads

You can eaisly convert an Account and all the related contacts or selected contacts back to a Lead.

Invert Contacts To Leads

You can eaisly convert a Contact back to a Lead.


You can use an existing Lead Assignment Rule upon conversion or create a new Lead Assignment Rule at the time of Conversion.


You can use an existing Lead Status upon conversion or create a new Lead Status at the time of Conversion.


Simply put, it is up to you if you want to keep/delete an Account/Contact on conversion to a Lead. 


Invertop360 is Lightning ready as well as Classic.


You can use the default field mapping detected by the App or, you can create custom mapping from the Account/Contact to the Lead.


Upon conversion ALL related Object data is moved to the new Lead so you can maintain historical information.


How long would it really take to manually do what Inverto360 can do automatically?

We get asked this all the time so we did a test conversion of an Account that had one (1) Contact record.  The Account and Contact each had Related data suxh as: Task History, Email History, Campaign History etc. 

Using Data Loader we exported all the Related Object data, adjusted the import files, created the Lead and then imported all Related object data to the newly created Lead.

We had to disable Assignment Rules until all data was imported to the newly created Lead, then manually assign the Lead Owner.

Once that was complete we needed to delete the Account, Contact and any Related Data.


Total time to complete one (1) Record:  25 Min

How much time and money would I really save?

Based on the previous question…  let us assume you have 100 records that need converted from an Account/Contact including all Related Data.


25 min x 100 Records equates to:

  • 2500 minutes or;
  • 41.66 hours or;
  • 8.3 hours per day


If the individual doing the manual conversion makes an average of $40.00 per hour it will cost you $1,666.40 to convert 100 Records.

How Many Records can I Convert at once?

The choice is up to you.  You can convert an individual record while on the record page, or you can use the mass conversion batch functionality.

How many licenses do I need?

No matter how large the ORG, our ONE TIME, ORG Wide license comes with unlimited users.

Do you offer installation support?

Each purchase comes with 1 hour of tech support that can be used for installation assistance.

Can Inverto360 be customized?

While we have done our best to account for every conversion scenerio, we understand all ORGs are different. We can custiomize the App based on your use case. We will provide an estimate for all custom development.


Awesome Tool for Moving Accounts and Contacts Back to Lead Status

This is a service that Salesforce users have been requesting - actually begging for - for many years. The ability to convert back to a lead from an account or contact status has always been a tedious task - but no more! I love having the ability to review each account and convert backwards rather than trying to do a mass export, delete and re-import. Plus it can be assigned to a new or different user during the process. And moving all the account or contact history along with it is fantastic. Once you work with the process for a couple of hours it becomes a simple task. Shawn and his team are very helpful on the support side as well. I had a small issue and it was resolved within a few hours. Excellent product and service - thank you Socium Digital and Shawn!

Kevin M.
Converting Accounts to Leads

I needed to convert some accounts to leads after some mistakes entering data. The app worked great. There was a problem initially but Shawn was very prompt in his response and got the problem solved right away. 5 stars. App works and great customer service.

Conor R.
Great App!

This is a great app! Shawn walked me through the step and we converted over 6,000 accounts back to leads!

Chris B.
Such a timesaver

I recently used this app to clean up two client Salesforce accounts, each with 2,000+ misidentified Accounts/Contacts. We encounter this scenario with clients fairly often, and the manual export/reimport/delete process is tedious and lengthy. With this app, we will be able to quickly and easily mitigate those situations, saving us precious time and energy that's better spent elsewhere. Really glad there's finally a solution for this common pain point.

Lindsey B.
Just what I was looking for

Our system was initially setup with all people imported as Contacts and not leads. Given the needed workflow, I needed those people in as Leads with all of their historical information - this app solved my problems! Works exactly as I would have hoped.

Shawn was also very helpful with any questions I had an ensured I was up to speed on the App.

If you're looking to revert Contacts to Leads - this is the best thing I've found so far!

Amanda A.
Should be included by default!

After an import from another CRM, I ended up with most of my leads as contacts in SF. With a click of a button I was able to revert them to leads.
Awesome support from Shawn.

Olivier S.
Inverto360 is great.

My company has a very long history of not using Salesforce properly, specifically, not using leads for prospects. We have now decided to correct that and of course have thousands of Accounts and Contacts that should be leads. It is like Shawn Boksan saw us coming and built Inverto360 just for us. After our initial use there was a limitation in that it only did inversions one at a time. But we learned that he had already begun creating a batch functionality which I have recently become familiar with. I am very much looking forward to expediting our inversions and getting our Salesforce house in better order.

And on top of the product being excellent, Shawn is exceptionally competent, personable, and helpful. I hope to do more work with him going forward.

Bryan R.
Converting Thousands of Accounts back into Leads

My company had been incorrectly working Accounts and Opportunities as Leads. When I came on I wanted to change that. I knew it was going to be a daunting project, but this App made something that was going to be incredibly manual much, much easier. We were able to convert over all the important information in less time. When a custom object was making it error, they wrote some customized code in order to create a work around. I am now almost finished with this project and very grateful to Shawn and his team. They've been communicative, prompt and always going the extra mile. Thanks!

Jessica S.
Two Big Thumbs Up!

After searching and searching and trying to come up with alternative solutions, finding this tool was a miracle!!! It has saved us tons of time and has cleaned up our database. The help I received in setting this up was amazing!! Super helpful and held my hand the whole way.
Thanks Invertio!!!!

Emma D.
This app—and Shawn Boksan are amazing

We had a very dirty database.

Shawn and his team really came in and did an incredible job. Using the Inverto 360 app they converted all of our leads to contacts. That allowed us to put the right people in the right places. Then, we converted all the contacts that should have been leads, back.

I'm so grateful for Shawn and his team going ABOVE AND BEYOND to make this happen for us. We're looking forward to working with them in the future.

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