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Salesforce 2022 Summer Releases and Updates

Salesforce 2022 Summer is on the verge of being released with a bang and everyone is excited about all the new updates and features. Technology and software have helped businesses run with super-human efficiency and Salesforce has been a pioneer in achieving this objective. That being said, here are some of the features that we are most excited about in the Salesforce 2022 releases.


Fraud Management

AI features have done it again with the integration of a fraud management feature. This feature allows customers to be warned about possible fraudulent programs and respond in the best possible way. This feature would help keep more and more customers intact.

Net Zero Predictions

As the world tries moving towards a completely net-zero approach, businesses are taking a lead in reducing emissions. Einstein in Salesforce will help use its powers of artificial to determine how much emissions your business is currently responsible for and how to reduce these emissions effectively, so that you may be able to adopt a net-zero approach as quickly as possible.

Sharing Individual Campaigns

Campaign owners in businesses now have the option to manually share their campaigns with other users on Salesforce. This feature is now available in Lightning Experience as well, whereas it was only available in Classic mode previously.

Report and Dashboard Enhancements

Dashboard and report enhancements have been some of the most well-received features in Salesforce over the years. You can use a tabular report on the dashboard once you have set a row limit. Other than that, there is also a Beta feature that will allow you to create reports on only specifically selected Salesforce objects. Lastly, you can also edit multiple fields simultaneously without re-running the report, which helps to save time and incredible amounts of effort.


Customers using Salesforce often run into unprecedented issues that need comprehensive solutions, which the customers would take a long time to come to terms with. In this regard, customers can get help from experts in whatever department they are struggling with in real-time. This would ensure that the cases are resolved with the utmost ease.

Custom Address Field

The custom address field is a Beta release for Summer 2022 and it will serve to function similarly to a standard address field. You just have to set up State and Country picklists first and then the fields are right there in front of you.

Light Dom Third-Party Integrations

Third-party integrations with Light-Dom will enable you to customize all components, along with allowing the third-party integrations to have access to your custom components. CSS as well as QuerySelectors can also bypass the hierarchy with this feature.

Flow Tests

The Beta release for flow tests will enable you to run tests for efficiency. These flow tests can help with repeatable scenarios, along with providing tools for low-code automated tasks. As flow tests are released, Salesforce is one step closer to Apex unit tests as well.

Salesforce 2022 Summer Updates – Conclusion

The Salesforce updates for 2022 are overall very exciting and we’re sure everyone is looking forward to them. Here’s to hoping for even more innovations in the future! If you’d like to know more about Salesforce and what it can do for your company, contact us today!


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