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What is Salesforce Anywhere?

Salesforce Anywhere: Adapting to Changing Times

The global COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how businesses operate, and it’s had a massive impact on sales teams. Every company now sells remotely. This is a dramatic change to proven sales processes, forcing sales teams to experiment, adapt, and learn new skills. Every business is on a winding path to get back to growth in the new virtual world. Hence, the birth of Salesforce Anywhere. But. Let us start this story from the beginning.

The benefit of facetime is pretty much a thing of the past for most businesses. Not only can sales reps not meet their customers in person, but they also can’t meet with their teammates in the office. Every business team is finding new ways to run quarterly business reviews, get account teams aligned to account strategy, and for sales managers to deliver timely guidance to reps on critical deals. As every business faces the challenges of going faster amidst unparalleled uncertainty, what exactly is slowing everybody down? Legacy Software.

Legacy Tools Hold Distributed Sales Teams Back

Unlike Salesforce CRM development, Legacy tools aren’t built for an unprecedented time like what we are currently leaving into. The sales team in the present time utilize many other tools outside CRM to manage their client’s requirements while meeting virtually, video conferencing software as well as they also use emails and chat apps, which makes CRM not a single source of truth for your client. Information not recorded in CRM can ultimately either get lost or not available when needed at the right time. This also makes the sales process unmanaged as they are leaving CRM to work on their sales.  It might not be a big issue for your highest performing employee, but may not be an ideal situation for the majority.

Above all, ultimately results in productivity is impacted, deals slip, targets are missed, and business growth slows. When the margin for error is smaller than ever, sales teams need more out of their CRM to win. Transforming digitally is no longer just a lofty company goal for the future; it’s an imperative right now. The most successful businesses will be the ones that can adapt and scale their business faster by keeping all the data, processes, and teams inside of CRM so that sales teams can sell more efficiently from anywhere. In comes Salesforce innovation, stepping in with a win Salesforce Anywhere.

Introducing Salesforce Anywhere

What is Salesforce Anywhere? Salesforce built Salesforce Anywhere, a real-time solution that transforms how sales teams manage deals together. Built inside Salesforce, Salesforce Anywhere seamlessly blends embedded documents and spreadsheets, live CRM data, and real-time conversations inside Salesforce. Salesforce Anywhere gives businesses the tools to standardize complex business processes like account planning, improve visibility for sales leaders and managers with personalized alerts, and empower teams with modern, real-time collaboration to coordinate deals.

Salesforce Anywhere has a simple mission to enable businesses to sell from anywhere, faster. Which continues to increase the Salesforce ROI for their sales teams. In this new age of digital selling, Salesforce Anywhere transforms businesses by keeping all the data, processes, and teams inside Salesforce so they can adapt quickly and scale faster to meet their customers’ needs.


Salesforce Anywhere has 3 Simple Steps for Selling From Anywhere Are as Follow

1. Standardize and automate collaborative business processes

Salesforce Anywhere was created to help businesses navigate and scale unstructured workflows. It makes what was nearly impossible to standardize before actually scalable.

Salesforce Anywhere brings real-time documents, spreadsheets, and chat directly into the Lightning Platform and enables admins and developers to automatically associate the right document with the right Salesforce record at the right time. This means that any stage in a sales cycle can now be supercharged with Salesforce Anywhere by automatically delivering a space for teams to work together inside Salesforce.

Salesforce Anywhere comes ready with a library of customizable templates designed for various points in the sales cycle, so teams can easily standardize and automate essential processes, such as:

  • Account plans
  • Close plans
  • Account transitions
  • Customer meeting notes
  • Territory plans
  • Mutual success plans
  • Customer project plans

2. Give sales leaders real-time visibility into deals and CRM data

Salesforce Anywhere empowers sales leaders and reps to connect to Salesforce in a whole new way by personalizing push notifications about the deals they care most about via desktop and mobile alerts. Leaders can subscribe to specific cues to stay on top of deal changes and better account for their business. Alerts come from a contextual, real-time chat where a leader or manager can offer the guidance or coaching to help a rep get a deal back on track. It’s never been this simple or useful for a leader to stay on top of their business.

In this new virtual selling world, sales teams must be more agile and responsive to their customers. Now sales leaders and managers can have the best of both worlds: the ability to see everything at a glance while also dropping into the weeds of specific deals to help their teams.

3. Empower teams with real-time collaboration inside Salesforce

Salesforce Anywhere turns this paradigm on its head by giving teams the real-time functionality they need to communicate faster inside Salesforce. Salesforce Anywhere transforms Salesforce into a place where sales teams can live. That’s because every document, spreadsheet, chart, and the record comes with real-time presence, so teammates can see who’s working a deal with them. When edits to an Account Plan are made, everyone sees them updated in real-time. And when a new message is being typed, everyone can see, just like Apple iMessage

Salesforce Anywhere gives Salesforce the social, real-time functionality that sales teams have come to know and love from modern communication tools. Now that it’s integrated within the context of Salesforce, sales teams can not only accelerate deals but relive the social connection that’s lost without the office. Salesforce Anywhere makes virtual selling more human and makes sales teams more connected inside Salesforce. Stronger relationships among sales teams will lead to stronger bonds with customers. When that happens, everybody wins.

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